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“By far the most intelligent book on how to manage support organizations…”
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– Association of Support Professionals

“Verghis draws upon his own experience to good effect.” Read the full review.

– Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge magazine

“… detailed, well organized, fun and readable book designed for support executives…. Combined with clear writing and years of experience in the customer support industry, (The Ultimate Customer Support Executive) will quickly become a ‘must have’ in every executive’s library.”

– Support World magazine

“… unique and enlightening perspectives about all aspects of customer support.”

– Call Center Magazine

“Software companies are beginning to generate more revenue from services than they do from product licenses, but there’s a serious shortage of the managerial talent that companies need to build strong service businesses. Phil Verghis has come along just in time with a book that defines exactly what it means to be the ‘ultimate’ services executive.”

– Jeffrey Tarter, Executive Director, Association of Support Professionals

“I can’t say enough about customer support, because it really is the place where we earn the customer’s trust every minute of the day. We benefited significantly from Phil’s development of a superlative support organization here at Akamai.”

George Conrades, Executive Chairman, Akamai Technologies

“Phil is one of my trusted advisors, and now with this book, he can be yours as well.”

– Ron Muns, CEO and Founder, HDI – World’s Largest Association for the IT Service & Support Industry.

“This book contains both experience and innovation a powerful chemistry. The investment in this book will pay great dividends for you and your career both now and in the future.”

– Malcolm Fry, IT Industry consultant & luminary

“Finally, an incredible ‘how to’ guide for IT Executives to understand the power of Customer Support and a blueprint to achieve success.”

– Char LaBounty, Founder and President of LaBounty & Associates

“Phil shares his tremendous experience and proven abilities to implement world class support operations.”

– Irwin Weiss, CIO, Aspen Technologies

“Phil Verghis-san is a visionary who combines a deep understanding of the complexities of delivering outstanding service around the world with an ability to constantly innovate on behalf of customers.”

– Tatsumi Yamashita, CEO, HDI-Japan/ThinkService K.K., Japan

“If you are involved with customers in any way, this book belongs in your ‘must read now’ list.”

– Bill Rose, CEO and Founder, The Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA)

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