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I’ve written “The Ultimate Customer Support Executive”, which talks about earning then demanding respect on behalf of your customers. It got a number of very positive reviews. You can get it directly from your favorite online bookseller including and Barnes & Noble.

Special reports/white papers:

  • For a few years now, leaders at progressive support organizations have talked about moving customers from a ‘transaction-based’ support model to a ‘relationship-based’ one. After early successes in this journey, many organizations run into a seemingly impenetrable wall. Your senior team ‘gets it,’ but this understanding does not seem to trickle down to most mid-level managers and frontline teams. I think I’ve found out why, and exactly what to do about fixing it. Read my paper on ‘Measures, Metrics and Madness‘.
  • As managers have started to adopt the key tenants of the ‘Measures, Metrics and Madness’ approach, they are beginning to use more sophisticated tools to evaluate their team.  One of the most popular is the radar, or spider, chart.  Adam has put together a paper on three of the drawbacks of radar charts, a warning label for proper use.  Take a look at ’3 Things to Think About – A Warning Label for Radar Charts’.
  • One of the key challenges for support organizations is moving from reactive to truly customer focused.  One of the important steps along that journey is implementing knowledge sharing practices like Knowledge Centered Support (KCS).  As support organizations mature in using practices like KCS, they need to go beyond just finding, creating and sharing knowledge in the case management process.  There are specific situations where your customers, partners, or colleagues need to draw on your knowledge.  Mapping these situations and integrating knowledge sharing practices into them will move the support organization even further toward true customer focus.  Take a look at a proposed way of blending this approach into the KCS practices in Breaking out of the B-loop.
  • The SSPA’s S-Business magazine published an article on ‘Savvy Support’ .
  • One of the special reports I wrote for IBM (for whom I am designated an ‘independent thought leader’) is the Implications of Culture on Service and Support. IBM has kindly agreed to make this available at no charge to anyone who wants it.
  • I have written a (hopefully very easy to read yet provocative) white paper for a client titled ‘Redefining Command & Control in Today’s IT Reality‘ that talks about what service desk and asset management leaders can do differently by understanding why some of what they do made sense in the past, but only causes customer frustration today.


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I have my own newsletter called “The Verghis View” that is published (more or less) monthly which has book reviews, snippets of interesting articles and more.
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Opinion pieces

I’ve been an independent ‘thought leader’ for IBM, for a few years. As part of this engagement, I write a branded opinion piece on their Enterprise Asset Management site. Go under ‘Type’ then ‘Verghis View’. (Registration required.)

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