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KCS Foundations Workshop v5 (Transforming Knowledge)

We are pleased to be offering our Transforming Knowledge, KCS Foundations class online.  Our online participants love this format – the same information with less disruption to their schedule!

Online, scheduled for US-based companies (starts at 9am eastern time) – May 20-24

Online, scheduled for Asia-Pacific-based companies (starts at 12noon Sydney time) – May 27-31

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Let me guess. You’re under pressure to improve your organization’s support operation, to do more with less. You’re expected to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, even though your budget and resources have been slashed.

You’re in a tough spot. Your support team is frustrated. They’re tired of answering the same dozen questions again and again. After all, the answers are already in the Knowledge Base! Morale is sagging. Your best people are making noises about moving on to something else, going somewhere else. You can’t afford to lose them.

Take a long, hard look your organization’s existing approach to support. How much do you suppose this outdated model is costing? Not just in terms of morale, but the company’s bottom line? Chances are, it’s thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Would your bosses be pleased if you could trim your budget by even a fraction of that amount?

Well, here’s good news. There is a proven, cost-effective way to transform that lifeless pool of support information into useful knowledge, action and excellence. It will help you take your team to the next level, let them tackle fresh, new challenges – and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Would those kinds of results make your job more satisfying? Make you more valuable to the organization? Enhance your career?
KCS: 21st Century Support

We invite you to attend the Knowledge Centered Support V5 Foundations workshop presented by experts from The Verghis Group.
This workshop is specially designed for support/service center directors and managers, Knowledge Management program managers, and other professionals responsible for implementing Knowledge Management strategies.
We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of the KCS methodology. You’ll see for yourself how it will improve your support organization on a day-to-day basis, not to mention its beneficial impact on your organization’s bottom line – a benefit top management will certainly appreciate.

You’ll discover how industry leaders are using Knowledge Centered Support to overcome KM’s biggest challenges:

  • How do you monitor and improve the quality of your content?
  • How can you make sure your support team contributes and shares their knowledge – most of which has probably never been written down?
  • What metrics should you use to measure contribution, and what’s the best way to reward it?
  • How do you obtain and sustain buy-in at the highest levels of the organization?
  • How do get and keep global participation in knowledge management?

If you’re interested in lifting your support team out of its rut, if you want conserve your limited resources by introducing a collaborative approach to knowledge-sharing and problem-solving, you should attend.

  • Transform your existing pool of information into useful knowledge that powers effective action and yields excellent results.
  • Deliver the highest level of service and support to your customers.
  • Raise your team’s morale by avoiding repetitious, mind-numbing questions. Instead they can focus their energy on addressing new questions and challenges – and immediately deposit the answers where the rest of the team can utilize them.
  • Develop measures that drive big-picture outcomes, while still providing tactical value for operations managers.
  • Scale your resources, both human and technological, to contain costs and enable growth.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Support Excellence

The KCS v5 Foundations Workshop will show you, step-by-step, how to transform your existing support center to a knowledge-oriented model. In the course of a few days, you’ll:

  • Understand the value and benefits KCS brings to your organization.
  • Explore the dynamics of the solution-management processes.
  • Identify key roles and responsibilities in your organization, and who should fill each.
  • Appreciate how this knowledge-centered approach can boost your team’s performance, contribution and morale.
  • Know exactly what you need to do, in detail, for a successful rollout.

You’ll leave the workshop with a thorough understanding of KCS and the benefits it provides your organization. But you’ll have much more than that. You’ll have a roadmap for adoption, including:

  • A structured, problem-solving workflow.
  • A performance assessment that drives the right behaviors, because it measures value, not just activity.
  • Proven leadership strategies for becoming a knowledge-centric organization.

We invite you to attend the Knowledge Centered Support (v5) Foundations Workshop.
Note: To maximize interaction and ensure plenty of individual attention, attendance is strictly limited to the first 15 sign-ups.

The workshop will be taught by Adam Krob, Senior Advisor at The Verghis Group, who has decades of experience in service and support and are well versed in Knowledge Management and KCS.
Not sure whether to attend?

Sure, it’s difficult to take this time away. But this is an important investment in your future, your team’s, and your organization’s.
How long can you afford to sit and do nothing? What changes or improvements can you expect to occur if everything stays as it is? Or worse, if your best people defect, or your budget is slashed (again), or…
Let’s face it, the role of support is changing, and your organization needs to change with it. The old “tiers of support” model is dying, and knowledge-centered support is taking its place. You can either lead your organization to a more efficient, more profitable tomorrow – or be left behind.

It’s your choice.

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