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Speedos, the Olympics and … Tech Support?

By Phil Verghis on July 22, 2008

You may not have been paying attention (yet), but multiple world records in swimming have been falling as fast as ice cream melts on a blisteringly hot summer day. In fact 38 records have been smashed this year alone. Why? One big reason is Speedo.

Yup, that Speedo. Their Aqualab research group developed a special bodysuit – the LZR Racer –  which has a number of innovation – for example, it is not stitched, but bonded. (Bodysuits for swimming have been popular for about 15 years, and are designed on the same principle as dimples on golf balls — rough surfaces allow the air to slip past it instead of clinging to it, creating friction.)

Watch for a lot more press coverage of the Speedo suit during the Olympics. 

 So what does the new Speedo bodysuit have to do with service and support? More than you think. (No, get that image out of your head.) We tend to believe that the technology to solve all our problems is just around the corner — the next upgrade away. (If you believe this, sales has you to thank for their commissions.)

Unlike swimming, where the difference between a new world record and a mere first place finish is tiny; new technology in our world will not make as much difference as smashing old ways of thinking and conventional wisdom. In fact, some of the most efficiently run support centers I know have squeezed out just about all the efficiencies they can. Only when they get rid of traditional ways of thinking about support like level 1, 2, 3 (among other things) can they turbo-charge their productivity.

Skeptical? Give me a call and we can chat about it.

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