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Klever showcased as one of the leading high-growth, high-impact technology companies in North Carolina

By Phil Verghis on September 12, 2013

And I’ve got 120 seconds to convince the audience that Klever is going to change the world.

Dancing E named Finalist in TSIA’s 2013 Service Revolutions Competition

By Phil Verghis on April 24, 2013

Dancing E will be competing to win TSIA’s coveted Vision Award, with winners being determined by a live audience of industry practitioners along with a panel of expert judges. The theme of the competition is, “True vision is having the intelligent foresight to define a better, more productive future,” with categories including Commercial, Start-up, and Service Practitioner. We  are a finalist in the Start-up category.

“Introduced in 2010 and growing year over year, the TSIA Vision Awards recognize game-changing ideas in technology services that are beyond the cutting edge,” said J.B. Wood, president and CEO of TSIA. “Dancing E is not only an industry leader in its market space, but it continually demonstrates a compelling approach to driving technology services forward. We’re proud to recognize Dancing E as a Service Revolutions finalist for 2013.”

The competition will take place on May 8 at the Technology Services World (TSW) 2013 Best Practices conference in Santa Clara, California. Do come and vote for us if you think we are the best…

Superb event @cc10 in Raleigh

By Phil Verghis on December 18, 2012

I was invited to speak at a lively, engaging set of talks on how Dancing E is using Creative Commons licensing to share knowledge. Each presenter had five minutes to talk about what they were doing and how they were using Creative Commons to share and distribute the message. I really enjoyed the event – the speakers were engaging, the content compelling and some very good discussions after.

Many thanks to the good folks at RedHat, New Kind, and the Triangle Creative Commons community for hosting the event and for the invite.

Back from Dreamforce ’12

By Phil Verghis on September 26, 2012

Back from three sessions at Dreamforce with an apparent conference audience of 90,000. Doing talks with co-presenters is hard to pull off. Everyone has to be on their game, the ‘flow’ has to be right and the ‘what can I do with this information’ takeaway has to be crisp. Based on the number of questions and follow-ups, so far, so good.

Hats off to co-presenters and friends from: Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Pitney Bowes, Red Hat, Salesforce and Ultimate Software for a terrific set of sessions…

Just finished superb session with Cisco and Pitney Bowes

By Phil Verghis on May 9, 2012

I had a great TSIA Spring 2012 session with two smart and talented co-presenters – Janet Ramey (Sr. Director, Cisco) and Karen Lim (VP, Pitney Bowes) on Measures, Metrics and Madness. Both shared how two very different companies with different cultures and styles made major changes by moving away from obsessing on metrics. I shared some new research we have seen from behavioral psychology on how to target specific habits in order to change behaviors.

Getting ready for a Metrics and Madness session

By Phil Verghis on May 4, 2012

Just put the final touches on a ‘Beyond Metrics’ session with Karen Lim (VP, Worldwide Software Support at Pitney  Bowes) and Janet Ramey (Senior Director, Strategic Business Operations at Cisco). Two very smart individuals who are committed to making a difference for their customers. Learn what has worked and what hasn’t. Session is from 4 – 5 PM on Tuesday May 8th.

Three sessions at the TSIA event in Vegas

By Phil Verghis on October 7, 2011

Measures, Metrics and Madness: The New World of Guiding, Not Grading
Professional Development Course (co-taught with Adam Krob)
Monday, October 24, 2011
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Savvy Support: The No More Tiers Model
(with Lance, Red Hat)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Impact of Video on Service’s Future (Panel with John Ragsdale, Radha (Salesforce) and Jennifer (Yahoo)
Monday, October 24, 2011
4:15 PM to 5:15 PM

After a hectic week, keynote event at NASSCOM GEPS event

By Phil Verghis on March 2, 2011

I’ve been in India for a few event-filled days. First was the 1/2 hour traffic jam at 1 AM in Mumbai’s airport — took that long to get from the 3rd floor to the road. Productive set of meetings with a client in Mumbai. Tuesday was a 4 hour early morning drive to Pune, and a full day with a second client. Wednesday was a way-too-early-for-humans flight to Hyderabad, for another day of meetings with a client.

Thursday, I’ll be delivering a keynote address to an influential group of India-based service executives that I mentor – the NASSCOM GEPS team. The keynote? The white-hot ‘Measures, Metrics & Madness’. Knowing the audience, I’m looking forward to the Q&A…

The keynote is based on the workshop coming up on March 18th in Boston.

Off to London soon for a talk…

By Phil Verghis on November 15, 2010

Heading to London to do a keynote on ‘Impact of Culture on Support (and translation)’.

Interestingly enough the translation industry has headed to a race to the bottom in terms of pricing wars. I’ll sneak in some observations on moving to a trusted adviser rather than an expert for hire.

This talk is based on some of the research I did for IBM, and is available (for free) here.

Winding down TSW 2010 Las Vegas

By Phil Verghis on October 20, 2010

Event was successful, it was the first time The Verghis Group, Inc. exhibited at a show. Next stop, San Diego to present a provocative keynote titled ‘Oops, Sorry you Died: Lessons from medicine, the FAA and NASA’ at the TSAnet event in San Diego.

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