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Here are some of the groups that I’ve been involved with professionally over the years.

I’m a co-producer of the The First Wednesday Group — a community of New England support and services executives who get together to explore leading-edge management issues. We meet every other month for lively breakfast roundtable meetings and once a year for a “Voice of the Customer” conference. We also host a LinkedIn forum for job postings and online discussions.

ASP – The Association of Support Professionals. A number of good papers, resource library and lively discussions. I’ve been a judge for the ‘Best web support‘ awards for a number of years.

Consortium for Service Innovation – Non-profit ‘Think Tank’ for the Services industry. We are members and work closely with them on a number of initiatives, and have spoken at a number of their events.

NASSCOM’s GEPS Forum – The Global Enterprise Product Support Forum (India based). Co-founder and adviser to the forum. I’ve spoken at a number of events for them in India, and made introductions to global leaders/assocations.

HDI – Formerly the Help Desk Institute. Past chairperson of their Strategic Advisory Board. Currently on their Technical Support Advisory Board, and chairperson of the Metrics subcommittee of the Technical Support Advisory Board.

MITCIO Sloan Symposium- A wonderful group of people involved with organizing the conference. I’ve been on the organizing committee as the ‘panel captain’ for the CIO Keynote panel and judge for the MIT CIO of the year award.

TSIA Expert Alliance Partner

Formerly the SSPA. Been on various committees, been a judge, authored many articles for them, spoken and conducted worksh0ps at many of their events over the years. I’m an Alliance partner and John Ragsdale (VP, Research) has given me a testimonial. We are ‘Recognized Innovators’ and winners of the first-ever ‘Innovation in Consulting’ award given by an independent panel of judges.

TiE-Boston – The Association of Indus Entrepreneurs

Phil Verghis’ Help Desk FAQ – A resource I started in 1993 that still has useful information, though not updated at the moment. It is a nostalgia trip, since it predated http (started as FTP, then on gopher!).

Stone Cobra

The founders at Stone Cobra – Amanda Roberts and Scott Sanders — have assembled a top notch team that are expert technologists with years of experience with knowledge management.

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