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First ever ‘Innovation in Consulting’ award from TSIA

By Phil Verghis on November 5, 2011

An independent panel of judges awarded us the first ever ‘Innovation in Consulting’ award at the Fall 2011 TSIA conference. Thanks to our customers, our community and to Adam and Jen for their hard work.

From the listing:

The Verghis Group is a management consulting firm focused on senior service and support leaders. The firm’s founder, Phil Verghis, is an internationally recognized expert who has helped dozens of support and services executives devise winning strategies. He’s been a top-level support executive himself, he’s written a book on customer-centric management, and he has hands-on experience with implementing new metrics, new systems, new business models, and new market development initiatives.

The application from the Verghis Group detailed multiple client projects and business challenges, with four specific areas of innovation cited from client projects.

Innovation One: Clear alignment from vision to the individual;
Innovation Two: Let the “doers” do;
Innovation Three: Focus.
Innovation Four: New way of managing, ‘Guiding, not Grading’.

Einstein and the Pursuit of Gross National Happiness – Nov ’11 newsletter

By Phil Verghis on November 5, 2011

Announcing the Nov 2011 Verghis View newsletter — ‘Einstein and the Pursuit of Gross National Happiness’ — lessons on measurements from disparate sources like Einstein, an ancient Egyptian cartographer and a tiny, landlocked Himalayan kingdom.

This has generated an immense response – from  five continents so far…

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