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By Phil Verghis on April 13, 2011

One of the most satisfying aspects of working with clients around the world is knowing what you do makes a difference for them and their customers. I don’t get to do workshops often, but…

…a  ‘Metrics, Measures and Madnessworkshop attendee called to let me know something after the workshop on Friday that made me feel really good. He took a proverbial knife to the 1,500 reports that he was responsible for producing and made available only 500 from Monday onwards – and no one noticed.

That same Monday, his boss asked for a new report. He took the time to ask all the right questions – who is the audience, what is the purpose, how will the information be used, how will feedback be given on use of the information, how will customers benefit etc. The boss was puzzled with all the questions, but gave all the answers. When she got the report and the analytics behind it, she said it was the best report she ever had.

Next workshop: Transforming knowledge management. For those of who know, it is the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS V5 Foundations workshop), with many Verghis Group twists…, co-taught with the Consortium for Service Innovation, the custodians of the standard.


Knowledge Centered Suport (KCS V5) workshop – Boston May 16-18

By Phil Verghis on April 11, 2011

Take a long, hard look your organization’s existing approach to support. How much do you suppose this outdated model is costing? Not just in terms of morale, but the company’s bottom line? Chances are, it’s thousands – maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Would your bosses be pleased if you could trim your budget by even a fraction of that amount?

By popular demand, we are offering the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS V5) Foundations workshop, May 16-18 in Boston, presented by experts from the Consortium for Service Innovation and The Verghis Group. We will be presenting the foundations of KCS, with several Verghis Group twists, particularly “un-mad” measures and internal communications strategies that will accelerate your success!

Want to learn more about how KCS can transform the lifeless pool of support information into useful knowledge, action and excellence?  In a cost effect and proven way?

This workshop is specially designed for support/service center directors and managers, Knowledge Management program managers, and other professionals responsible for implementing Knowledge Management strategies.

More info and registration at:

Improved customer experience… and worse sales?

By Phil Verghis on April 8, 2011

Interesting quote from William S. Simon, the chief executive of Wal-Mart USA, after what is seen as a failed store makeover from two years ago. “Customers loved the experience. They just bought less. And that is generally not a good long term strategy.”

Source: April 8th New York Times

They had remodeled stores stores to keep Target shoppers who had moved to Wal-Mart during the recession. They shortened shelves, reduced number of items carried by about 9 percent – all to not overwhelm shoppers.

Interesting juxtaposition of anticipating customer needs, listening to the customer and watching the bottom line…

Somewhere over the last week

By Phil Verghis on April 5, 2011

… something interesting happened. I’ve ended up with over 1,000 LinkedIn connections. The scary thing is that I know almost every one.

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