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Travel to/from US a lot? See what I found

By Phil Verghis on November 29, 2009

As I get ready for another long-haul trip (Thailand/India), I found something that can dramatically cut down the time it takes to re-enter the US. After a 20+ hour journey, there is nothing more agonizing than the ‘last mile’ – waiting in long lines for customs and immigration.

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, and travel frequently — check out: Let me know how useful you find the program.

Voice of the Customer conference starts today

By Phil Verghis on November 2, 2009

After almost 4 weeks of travel (just crossed the 100,000 mile mark with United Airlines this past weekend), I’m back in Boston for a few weeks.

One of the reasons I’m back is the Third Annual Voice of the Customer conference hosted by the First Wednesday Group. There is a terrific lineup of speakers and participants. If the past two years were any indication, it should be a fun event with a lot of provocative ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing many friends, colleagues and customers there.

 (Disclaimer, I am one of the producers of the First Wednesday Group.)

Jalapeno Jelly

By Phil Verghis on November 2, 2009

Just got back from a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Was re-introduced to some lovely food as well as a new one for me — Jalapeno Jelly. It had some ‘warmth’ to it, and was actually pretty nice.

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