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Programs and Speakers announced for 2009 Voice of the Customer Conference

By Phil Verghis on June 24, 2009

Boston, MA — Drawing on an impressive lineup of speakers, the 2009 “Voice of the Customer Conference” will focus on leading-edge issues in building end-user communities, improving satisfaction metrics, and creating customer-centric organizations. The conference, produced by the First Wednesday Roundtable, will take place in Bolton, Mass. on Nov. 3 with a day of optional workshops on Nov. 4.

Registration for the Nov. 3 conference is $385 per person. Additional information about the program and post-conference workshops can be found on the First Wednesday Web site:

Greetings from London

By Phil Verghis on June 16, 2009

I’m in London at the moment, at a client site for a few days. (Note to self: Try to avoid overnight flights and going directly to work after only 1 hour sleep.)

It’s always refreshing going to a ‘remote’ site, and something I’d recommend all of you that manage global teams do so every so often. The perspectives are different — from a customer’s point of view and from an employee’s point of view.

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