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Sample pictures from Trip to India, Doha (Qatar) and Dubai

By Phil Verghis on May 16, 2009

Talk for NASSCOM-GEPS forum

By Phil Verghis on May 16, 2009

While in Bangalore, I did a keynote session for NASSCOM’s GEPS forum on Saturday, for whom I have been an advisor for a few years. The turnout was great, with senior executives Avaya, Infosys, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Labs, ValueLabs, Yahoo and more participating.

Talk for client in Bangalore and Hyderabad

By Phil Verghis on May 16, 2009

In May 2009, I flew to Bangalore and Hyderabad, India to do four sessions (four hours each!) for a client. This covered a number of topics that were custom done for them based on requirements from the client (senior executive in support in a global company) and their HR team.

The talks went pretty well and I did them with no notes. About 60% of the content was common, the rest of it varied based on the audience and the feedback during the interactive homework sessions.

Presented at SSPA webinar on “No more Tiers – the Savvy Support model”

By Phil Verghis on May 16, 2009

I lead a discussion for the SSPA’s Small and Medium Business (SMB) Community of Interest session in late May. Despite audio problems for the first 15 minutes, only 4 people dropped out by the end of the hour. We re-recorded the session for the SSPA to post, but once again there were audio problems on the SSPA end.

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